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Inplant Training - Software Development

To develop the software skills of the students. Basic concepts in Dotnet Platforms like VB.Net,Visual Studio,Asp.Net,C# and advanced concepts in java are taught by our professional experts. At the end of every session students were given practical training and their doubts are cleared. They are also guided / encouraged by our experts in their relative concepts to develop their own projects.

Yamee Cluster provides Inplant & Implant Training for
CSE, IT & MCA Students in Chennai.

Inplant Training - Web Development

We provide the ideas of reality in web site development by our excellent training. First, we start with the basics of Html, CSS, javascript,jquery,PHP and its framework and the development of web site were taught in Dreamweaver. The image editing process were also taught for the students by with Photoshop. The creation of animated clips were thought for the students with Flash. At the end of the every session practical trainings are provided for the students. We also guide the students in developing and hosting their own web site.

Implant Training

Implant training is not a misnomer. It explains the true motive behind a quality IPT. An ImplantĚ training for the students, the talent to see things in industry perspective. It also provides an opportunity to see and use tools that you, as a student, has never even dreamed of using. Implant training improves the students practical ability to approach and solve problems in his/her workplace. Whatever steps you take now, will yield results later, when you step into your core company. You will observe that your way of obtaining solutions to problem is more matured and experienced than your colleagues. The first 2 years in your job decides your career growth for the rest of your work life. To stay ahead of others in this aspect you should equip yourselves with stuffs that no one has. IPT, again, is the key to it. Chennai is the commercial heart of Tamilnadu and is core area for industrial success and educational achievements. No wonder it has more IPT centres than any other place in Chennai. Students, should however choose the best center among these. Uniq Technologies, will be your ultimate choice.

Yamee Cluster provides Inplant & Implant Training for
CSE, IT & MCA Students in Chennai.

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